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Gaming has become a popular pastime for many people around the world. With the advances in technology, more types of video games have been developed over the years, giving gamers a wide variety of choices. This article seeks to explore the different types of video games that are available for everyday gamers.

Single Player Games

Single-player video games are those types of games that are played by one person. These are the most common types of games and generally require little to no skill to complete. Popular single-player games include puzzle games, trivia games, adventure games, role-playing games and platform games. They can be either single or multi-leveled and often involve navigating through a map or completing tasks.

Action-Adventure Games

Action-adventure games usually involve a character or group of characters attempting to complete a mission by overcoming various obstacles. These games often have an overarching plot that ties the missions together and encourages the player to progress through the story. Popular action-adventure games include Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed, and Resident Evil.

Strategy Games

Strategy games are those that require the development of thought in order to achieve success. These games often involve resource management, base building, and tactical combat. Generally, the purpose of a strategy game is to either conquer the enemy or reach a target goal in a set amount of time. Popular strategy games include Civilization and League of Legends.

Multiplayer Games

Multiplayer video games are those types of games that are played with multiple people. They can be played online or together in the same room and include a variety of genres for every type of gamer. Popular multiplayer games include first-person shooters, survival horror games, strategy games, and sports games.

Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)

MMO games are often played with a large group of players and can take place in an open world with thousands of players. These games usually have a long storyline and involve a vast amount of content to explore. Popular MMO games include World of Warcraft and EVE Online.

Battle-Royal Games

Battle-royal style games are those that involve a group of players attempting to survive against each other until there is only one remaining. These games often have a last-man-standing concept and require quick reflexes and strategy. Popular battle-royal games include PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Call of Duty: Warzone.


Video games offer a wide variety of genres for every type of gamer. From single-player puzzle games to massive multiplayer online games, there is something for everyone. Understanding the different types of video games can help you choose the best one for you.