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ชนะ บาคาร่า 100

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What are the different types of baccarat games available?

There are several variations of baccarat:

1. Punto Banco: This is the most common form of baccarat, and it is played in the US, UK, and Australia. It involves two hands, the player (Punto) and the banker (Banco).

2. Chemin de Fer: This version of baccarat is popular in France and allows players to be the banker and bet against other players.

3. Baccarat Banque: This version is similar to Chemin de Fer, but the banker is always the casino.

4. Mini Baccarat: This is a smaller version of Punto Banco that is played on a smaller table and with lower stakes.

5. Super 6: This variant of Punto Banco offers higher payouts for winning with a 6.

6. EZ Baccarat: This version of baccarat eliminates the commission paid on winning banker bets, with a side bet called the Dragon 7 being a viable alternative.